Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response (PER-275)


Terrorism involving active shooter attacks on population centers has become part of law enforcement officers’ awareness; however, increased awareness of ​a problem does not ensure preparedness or appropriate response tactics. This course addresses technical aspects of planning and implementing a rapid law enforcement deployment to an active shooter incident through classroom presentations, hands-on performance-based field training, and scenario-based practical exercises.​

Min/Max Enrollment: Min 20; Max 30

Hours: 24 (Direct Delivery; Indirect Delivery); 32 (Train-the-Trainer)

Format: Instructor-Led Training (Direct Delivery; Train-the-Trainer; Indirect Delivery)

DHS Course #: PER-275; PER-275-1; PER-275-2

Facility Requirements: Please view this document for facility requirements.

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Professional Disciplines

​Law Enforcement

The target audience for the Direct Delivery version of this course involves individuals who respond to or support the response to any type of active shooter incident including:

  • State and local law enforcement
  • Range instructors
  • Firearms instructors
  • School resource officers
  • Emergency services instructors of first responders
  • First-line supervisors of first responders

The target audience for the Train-the-Trainer version of this course is established trainers/instructors in academies, agencies or departments who are seeking to train participants by teaching the Indirect version of this course using course materials provided by LSU-NCBRT/ACE.

​The Indirect version of this course is commonly delivered as part of in-service or academy training to support continuing education.


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