NCBRT Courses

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Awareness Level

AWR-118 | Biological Incidents Awareness
AWR-122 | Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts
AWR-122-C | Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts, Customized
AWR-219 | Site Protection through Observational Techniques
AWR-315 | Fundamentals of Criminal Intelligence
AWR-325 | Site Protection and Document Screening Techniques

Performance Level

PER-219 | A Prepared Jurisdiction: Integrated Response to a CBRNE Incident
PER-220 | Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents
PER-221 | Tactical Operations for CBRNE Incidents
PER-222 | Public Safety CBRNE Response - Sampling Techniques and Guidelines
PER-228 | Advanced Forensic Investigations for Hazardous Environments
PER-229 | Introduction to Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Suite
PER-273 | A Coordinated Response to Food Emergencies: Practice and Execution
PER-275 | Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response
PER-298 | Team Approach to Foodborne Outbreak Response
PER-335 | Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks
PER-340 l Active Threat Integrated Response Course

Management and Planning Level

MGT-323 | Instructor Development Workshop
MGT-324 | Campus Emergencies Prevention, Response, and Recovery
MGT-324-C | Campus Emergencies Prevention, Response, and Recovery - Customized
MGT-409 | Community Healthcare Planning and Response to Disasters
MGT-418 | Readiness: Training Identification and Preparedness Planning
MGT-447 | Managing Food Emergencies: Strategies for a Community Response

Web-Based Level

AWR-304-W | Shopping Center Security Terrorism Awareness Training Program

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