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Meet Jeff Mayne

​LSU's National Center for Biomedical Research and Training has appointed new Director Jeff Mayne, who worked for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for over 31 years. Mayne retired as the chief of law enforcement in 2014 but remained employed with the agency until joining LSU-NCBRT. "Jeff's leadership, vision, and experience will ensure NCBRT's continued success," said Jeff Moulton, Executive Director of LSU's Stephenson National Center for Security Research and Training.

Mayne is both excited and prepared to take on his new role as director. "Public safety and national security have always been a part of my life and work. Ensuring optimum training for those who provide public safety services, protect our nation's critical infrastructure, emergency managers and first responders is essential to the nation's domestic preparedness. Here at LSU-NCBRT and as a member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium we are dedicated toward developing and providing that essential training," says Mayne.

During his time with LDWF, Mayne served as the legislative liaison for 10 years where he worked with state and federal elected officials to promote efforts that advanced the state and federal cooperative missions to protect, conserve and manage our state and nation's valuable natural resources and their supporting ecosystems, with particular emphasis on improving public safety services associated with search and rescue and maritime security.

Mayne also served as Louisiana's state boating law administrator within the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. In this role, he advanced recreational boating safety regulations and marine law enforcement training in Louisiana. He played a key role in the development of a national state/federal cooperative marine law enforcement program authorized in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, in which each of the coastal states and territories received federal enforcement authority and funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce to enforce regulations which cooperatively managed fisheries resources throughout the U.S. coastal waters.

He earned his undergraduate degree from LSU with studies concentrating in political science, sociology and corrections and his master's degree in public administration from LSU as well. Mayne is a father to one son, and as you may expect, he enjoys fishing, hunting and the outdoors during his free time.

"I look forward to being a member of an organization made up of the professional staff and instructors who are all part of the NCBRT team, each of whom are dedicated to providing the best public service, education and expertise in their professional arenas. The overall national and global impact of what is accomplished here at LSU-NCBRT will be forever advancing," says Mayne.

"As the challenges and dynamics of the United States and world continue to change, it is my goal to continue to advance LSU-NCBRT into the future. We must remain on the forefront of ideas, research and vision to prepare for the future. We along with the other partners of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium, through our sponsorship with the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency must maintain a vigilant role in protecting our homeland," adds Mayne.

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