LSU NCBRT Actively Developing Coronavirus Prevention and Response Trainings



BATON ROUGE – LSU’s National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, or LSU NCBRT, is actively working to help the nation combat the potential threat of COVID-19, the disease caused by what is commonly known as the coronavirus. LSU NCBRT is currently developing timely training and technical assistance programs that provide emergency management and response professionals with the knowledge necessary to better prevent, plan, prepare and respond in the event their communities are faced with the occurrence of COVID-19.

LSU NCBRT has a 20-year history addressing biological threats, both naturally occurring and intentional. During the 2014 -2015 Ebola Virus Disease, or EVD, outbreak, LSU NCBRT was awarded one of the single largest federal grants specified to counter EVD. During that time, LSU NCBRT provided training and assistance to over 700 agencies across the United States, as well as over 3,000 personnel located throughout the center of the epidemic in West Africa.

As a founding member of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium and a DHS-FEMA certified training partner, LSU NCBRT has delivered specialized, high-quality biological incident response mobile training at no direct cost to emergency responders at the state, local, tribal and territorial level since 1998.

LSU NCBRT will release additional information as these trainings become available. For more information on LSU NCBRT and its existing courses, please visit our website at   



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