LSU NCBRT/ACE Announces Partnership with New Mexico Spaceport Authority




BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana State University National Center for Biomedical Research and Training/Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education (LSU NCBRT/ACE) continues to expand its emergency response training and expertise to state, local, tribal and territorial jurisdictions. Now, LSU NCBRT/ACE is expanding its training to another jurisdiction: the space travel business.

LSU NCBRT/ACE and the New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA) are announcing a long-term partnership to develop and implement programs that set the standards for safe space travel. These goals include reviewing safety protocols for commercial space agencies, coordinating emergency efforts of local and national law enforcement agencies, and developing the proper emergency preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery guidelines.

“As the possibilities of commercial space travel become more and more tangible, we recognize that there is a vital need for high-quality, innovative emergency training to protect our nation’s citizens,” said LSU NCBRT/ACE director Jeff Mayne. “We are proud of the relationship we have built with NMSA and Spaceport America, and we hope that this partnership can pave the way for safety and security in the realm of space travel.”

LSU NCBRT/ACE and the NMSA will build on this partnership when LSU NCBRT/ACE delivers its course, “A Prepared Jurisdiction: Integrated Response to a CBRNE Incident,” at the Spaceport America launch site in Truth or Consequences, NM on March 10-12.

The goal of the Integrated Response course is to allow Spaceport America personnel the opportunity to cross train and recognize the capabilities of their own agency as well as those of the response organizations in their region. The course also brings in emergency responders from agencies like the New Mexico State Police, the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the 64th WMD-CST New Mexico Army National Guard and other local responders.

LSU NCBRT/ACE is also a member of the Louisiana Space Grant Consortium, the state’s chapter of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. This partnership allows LSU NCBRT/ACE to collaborate and explore new training frontiers for Louisiana students and the workforce for the university’s role in aerospace research, education, technology and economic development in the aerospace field.



LSU NCBRT/ACE is a nationally recognized center for emergency preparedness and response training located at Louisiana State University’s flagship campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We provide mobile training to both the national and international emergency response community. LSU NCBRT/ACE has expertise in research, development and delivery of training in the areas of specialized law enforcement operations; biological incident response; food and agriculture safety and security; school safety; and instructional design and technique.

About Spaceport America:

Spaceport America is the first purpose-built commercial spaceport in the world. The FAA-licensed launch complex, situated on 18,000 acres adjacent to the U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range in southern New Mexico, has a rocket friendly environment of 6,000 square miles of restricted airspace, low population density, a 12,000-foot runway, vertical launch complexes, and about 340 days of sunshine and low humidity. Some of the most respected companies in the commercial space industry are customers at Spaceport America: Virgin Galactic, Boeing, UP Aerospace, EXOS Aerospace, HyperSciences, and SpinLaunch.


Beth Carter