LSU NCBRT/ACE Awarded $22 Million Dollar Grant From Department of Homeland Security

August 11, 2020


BATON ROUGE – The US Department of Homeland Security has granted $22 million to LSU’s National Center for Biomedical Research and Academy for Counter-Terrorism Education (LSU NCBRT/ACE).

This funding allows LSU NCBRT/ACE to teach emergency preparedness trainings to first responders at the state, local, tribal and territorial level at no direct cost to the participants. The organization’s classes have been recognized as the highest quality training provided to the nation’s law enforcement by the National Sherriff’s Association.

LSU NCBRT/ACE is a training partner of the DHS/FEMA National Training and Education Division. With more than 300 subject matter expert instructors, LSU NCBRT/ACE provides training to emergency personnel, first responders, law enforcement firefighters, campus organizations and groups and more.

This year, part of the grant will fund a variety of classes including new classes and webinars dealing with COVID-19. Since the start of the pandemic, LSU NCBRT/ACE has produced 12 COVID-19-specific webinars, videos and job aids and has also created a podcast that focuses on how law enforcement and other responders are addressing their changing work environment.

In addition, LSU NCBRT/ACE will be moving some classes to an interactive online format for distance training during COVID-19. The Site Protection through Observational Techniques – Customized class has already moved to an online format and is currently being delivered through Zoom to agencies around the country.

”I’d like to thank our congressional delegation for helping us secure this grant that will help address the training needs and backlogs of our state, local, tribal and territorial partners,” said LSU NCBRT/ACE Director Jeff Mayne. “During these unique times, we will continue to innovate and adapt in order to prepare and instruct emergency responders around the country.”



LSU NCBRT/ACE is a nationally recognized center for emergency preparedness and response training located at Louisiana State University’s flagship campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We provide mobile training to both the national and international emergency response community. LSU NCBRT/ACE has expertise in research, development and delivery of training in the areas of specialized law enforcement operations; biological incident response; food and agriculture safety and security; school safety; and instructional design and technique.