COVID-19 Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Awareness (AWR-393-W)

Course Coversheet08/20/2020 - LSU-NCBRT has just launched a newly DHS-Certified course, COVID-19 Targeted Violence Terrorism Prevention Awareness. The course is available online and is free of charge.

The purpose of this awareness-level course is to remind participants that the types of targeted violence and terrorism threats that law enforcement and public and private security must typically watch for have not ceased in the COVID-19 world. In addition to these routine threats, others may take advantage of the anonymity provided by wearing PPE, the limited access to public spaces with often limited security, and other unique conditions of the COVID-19 world to commit crimes they might not otherwise consider.​

Participants will become more situationally aware of the threats facing the communities they serve by the end of this course, and be prepared with ways to respond and encourage effective response in their mission.

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