First Spanish-Language Virtual Training Delivered for Puerto Rico


LSU NCBRT/ACE recently hosted its first virtual delivery of the Spanish-language version of the Site Protection Through Observational Techniques – Customized (SPOT-C) class for Puerto Rico. Forty-four participants attended the training via Zoom. Providing Spanish translation and interpretation of classes is part of LSU NCBRT/ACE’s commitment to providing training to participants who have been previously unable to participate in these courses due to the language barrier. 

LSU NCBRT offers the DHS certified course virtually. The Spanish-language course is approximately one half-day and is offered to state, local, tribal and territorial emergency responders in an effort to further expand access to training. This course is translated into Spanish and is taught with English speaking instructors. Interpreters translate orally for the Spanish speaking audience. Participants can take the course from any location.

Lt. Joel Rodríguez of the Puerto Rico Police Department said the removal of language and location barriers means more access to training that can significantly help the department’s efforts to keep the island safe.

“The participants were able to understand the importance of the techniques to observe and monitor places open to the public,” Rodríguez said. “This enables them to carry out their work as law enforcement agents, security officers, and at other agencies. The training we received is very important to help confront the criminal activities that occur daily on our Island.”

In addition to the SPOT-C class, the following courses are also offered in Spanish:

Site Protection through Observational Techniques (SPOT) 

Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts (P&D) and P&D-C (Customized) 

Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response (LASER) 

The translated courses are available for the mobile delivery versions of all of the above classes, as well as the virtual Zoom versions of SPOT, SPOT-C, and P&D-C. 

The following webinars are also offered in Spanish: CDC Secuencia para Ponerse y Quitarse EPP, Salud del Respondedor Durante COVID-19, Operaciones del EOC Durante el Distanciamiento Social, and more. These resources and trainings are available at no cost through LSU NCBRT/ACE e-Learning

“We would like to thank LSU/NCBRT for providing training in the Spanish language to our areas of emergency management, law enforcement, Fire, EMS, and Health,” said Axel J. Reyes, Training & Exercise Coordinator & Property Administrator, Puerto Rico Office for Public Security & Safety, Department of Public Safety. “We have thousands of police and first responders from both state and federal agencies who have benefited from such training.”

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