LSU NCBRT/ACE Conducts Active Threat Table-Top Exercise for Morgan State University

February 20, 2024


On February 6-7, LSU NCBRT/ACE travelled to Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD, to conduct a table-top exercise for the university’s safety personnel, administrators, campus departments and president. This training is part of ongoing training collaboration between LSU NCBRT/ACE and federal partners to secure and prepare the nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

LSU NCBRT/ACE provided training and resources for the university, which experienced an active threat incident in October 2023. During the table-top exercise, participants worked through a fictional active shooter scenario and discussed campus response at all levels of the university. They also discussed national best practices and standards in response and recovery efforts to active threat incidents at institutions of higher education and becoming a more resilient campus. 

The exercise was open to the Morgan State community. Faculty, staff and students were encouraged to sit in, listen to the training, and engage in dialogue with campus administrators and LSU NCBRT/ACE subject matter experts.

“When we first discussed coming to Morgan State University, it was due to an unforeseen incident,” said DHS Office for State and Local Law Enforcement Program Manager Mariah Hicks. “As days went on, we discussed resources and best candidates suited to help Morgan State. The first team mentioned was LSU NCBRT. We couldn’t thank all of you enough for your willingness to help. The impact this exercise had on Morgan State will be a long-lasting one.”

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