Public Safety CBRNE Response - Sampling Techniques and Guidelines (PER-222)



​This course addresses specific fundamentals and skills associated with an emergency response to a WMD incident. As such, it provides detailed technical information and includes hands-on practice of actions required of emergency responders in such situations.

Participants are provided the opportunity to perform public safety sampling techniques required in the response to a WMD event. Of special interest is the course’s emphasis on collecting forensically valid samples, which is accomplished through maintaining a secure chain-of-custody for the sample from the time of collection through laboratory analysis. This process is consistent with the FBI 12-step process for managing a crime scene, including those involving a WMD.​


Min/Max Enrollment: Min 20; Max 30

Hours:  24 (Direct Delivery)

Format: Instructor-Led Training (Direct Delivery)

DHS Course #: PER-222

Facility Requirements: Please view this document for facility requirements.

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Professional Disciplines

​Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Hazardous Materials Personnel, Public Health

The target audience for the Direct Delivery version of this course includes:

  • ​Emergency responders most likely to be called upon to operate within the exclusion zone of a WMD incident involving hazardous materials
  • Responders able to utilize personal protective equipment (PPE) at Level C or higher, employ monitoring and detection devices and procedures and obtain samples from the scene for analysis
  • Responders who work with HazMat teams in roles that do not require exclusion zone entry
  • Personnel responsible for receiving and transporting a public safety sample from the HazMat team to a laboratory​