Introduction to Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Suite (PER-229)

This course provides training on the fundamental elements of the CAMEO Suite of programs as they relate to emergency situations. As such, it includes detailed technical information and hands-on practice of critical elements in the CAMEO system and its associated programs (CAMEO Chemicals, CAMEOfm, ALOHA and MARPLOT). To better understand how the programs interface, participants are provided opportunities to practice key procedures that allow users to enhance planning and response activities associated with community risks. These exercises clarify the connections between the programs and how they can enhance emergency planning and response activities.


Min/Max Enrollment: Min 24; Max 30

Hours:  24 (Direct Delivery/Indirect Delivery); 32 (Train-the-Trainer)

Format: Instructor-Led Training (Direct Delivery; Train-the-Trainer; Indirect Delivery)

DHS Course #: PER-229; PER-229-1; PER-229-2

Facility Requirements: Please view this document for facility requirements.

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Professional Disciplines

Emergency Management Agency, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Public Safety Communications, Public Works

The target audience for the Direct Delivery version of this course includes:​​

  • Fire
  • Law enforcement
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Public health officials
  • Hazardous materials professionals
  • Public safety communications representatives
  • Public works officials
  • Emergency managers


The Indirect version of this course is commonly delivered as part of in-service or academy training to support continuing education.